What’s your superpower?

Erikjan Lantink
3 min readJan 31, 2023

We all have a superpower.

That’s my belief.

Every human being on this planet excels at something.

Something that makes this person stand out around the people around them.

Having a superpower is not exclusively for people with a high IQ. That’s an assumption some people have that could not be further from the truth.

Our brain is one of the factors of superpower.

And our body, hands, feet, and persistence in building a skill (involving the brain) are other factors.

So the question is not if you have a superpower but whether you have found it yet.

And if not, why not?

Allow me to get personal a little.

My superpower is working with teams and their leaders.

I love team dynamics. I love helping teams to get better. I ‘see’ dynamics within teams sooner than their members see them themselves. I can read between the lines. I hear what’s not being said. And I know it when something that’s being said is inauthentic. I know what questions to ask and when.

I was lucky to find my superpower fairly early in my career.

I started facilitating groups because a good friend asked me to help him grow his team.

Then I met my mentor Joyce who recognized my talent and helped me grow and improve.

Today, I love working with groups and making them better. It’s the work that gives me the most energy.

Facilitating and coaching teams also inspires me in my writing.

I wouldn’t call my writing a superpower, but I enjoy doing it. It provides me with energy.

The past few paragraphs may not have been the most humble paragraphs I’ve ever written.

I had to learn that it’s ok to promote yourself.

Our four years in the United States helped me to see that it’s essential to be self-aware and ‘sell’ yourself at moments.



Erikjan Lantink

Business & Leadership coach. Interim Leader. Writer. Speaker. Former Retail Executive (general management; operations; HR)