Making Meaning & Making Money

Erikjan Lantink
5 min readMay 31, 2024


You’re having a dream 😴. You’re sitting in a prison cell.

It’s a dream, so it will end well. No worries.

It’s not a bad cell. It looks more like a modern corporate office, but this time, there’s a bed and a place to shower and use the bathroom. A TV, a computer, books, and a multifunctional gym machine are also present. The only feature that makes it different is that you can’t leave this cell.

You must wait until the judge comes and decides whether you can leave your cell. The judge will have some questions for you. Questions only you can answer. No lawyer will be able to help you with these.

The most poignant question you may have first:

How did you end up in a prison cell?

You’re in a prison cell because the human leadership police has doubts about your intentions and capabilities to lead your team properly.

The police told you that when they arrested you. People within your team showed courage, and after several attempts to talk to you about their needs, they finally had enough, and you were reported.

Your people didn’t want more money, a better office, a bigger car, a newer phone or laptop. No, that’s not what they needed. You were pretty generous that…



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