Grow in Concert

Erikjan Lantink
5 min readJan 26, 2024

How aligned are you?

How aligned are you with the people you love and work with? How aligned are you with your purpose and goals in life? How aligned are you in your head?

One of the critical success factors in life and work is your degree of alignment. Without alignment, things derail. When train tracks are not aligned, trains derail. Logic. A different example. When we go to a music concert, we expect the band we came to see to deliver the music perfectly.

That’s only possible when each band and crew member are perfectly aligned.

I love concerts. My first real concert was the ‘Tunnel of Love’ tour by Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band in Rotterdam in 1988. What a show. Far into the concert, the entire second ring started to jump in perfect alignment, and the whole construction moved up and down. While I managed to keep enjoying the show, I kept looking up at this steel construction, moving and shaking.

More recently, Coldplay concerts have been my favorite. They put on an amazing show, including dramatic audio-visual and light effects. And they know how to include and bring the audience along in perfect alignment.

As discussed earlier, we expect perfect alignment when we speak about events and activities where alignment is the only…



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