[First] Invest in Yourself.

Erikjan Lantink
6 min readMay 17, 2024

Remember I mentioned last week that I was not much of a dancer?

I may be a dancer one day, or in a future life. But today, I’m not a dancer, and I haven’t been one. Nevertheless, I danced last Friday evening around 1 am (so technically Saturday morning).

Before I tell you what happened, I’d like to refresh your memory with the main points of the previous two weeks:

  1. Is work just about the transaction, or is it about fun and fulfillment?
  2. To be an effective leader, we must understand the people we work with.

Is it shareholder value only or stakeholder value, which includes the value for the employees within the business?

Are employees human resources or human beings?

I’ll come back to this later. Here’s how I ended up dancing a little on Saturday early morning and how it relates to the lessons I’ve learned from Tony Robbins.

I signed up for a webinar by Tony Robbins called “Unshakeable Business.” The webinar was supposed to last three hours, but it turned into a five-hour ‘show.’

I know Tony’s events from a distance and watched the ‘I’m not your guru’ show on Netflix. If you’re interested in personal development, growth, mindset, and motivation, you must study Tony…



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