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Have you discovered Clubhouse yet?

Erikjan Lantink
4 min readFeb 23, 2021


Raise your hand and speak up

If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet, I believe you soon will. Unless you have not yet woken up from winter hibernation. Which is totally understandable given the context we live in these days.

Clubhouse is a new social media application that combines community and podcasting (voice only).

The threshold to join and start your own ‘room’ is very low, and within seconds you can be talking to like-minded people about a subject you’re passionate about.

‘Go get a room’ is getting a whole new meaning.

I joined a room on Saturday about goal setting, which was in itself, content-wise, interesting. I wanted to have some inspiration for my insight on goals, so I decided to join a clubhouse room.

Allow me first to talk a bit more about the Clubhouse experience.

Beyond the conversation on goals, I found it even more interesting to scroll through the people attending.

You have immediate access to like-minded people who are interested in the topic. When you believe a connection is worthwhile, you start following the person.

The keywords here are: likeminded, immediate, transparent, and low threshold.

If you’re curious about human purpose and behavior, and I am, it pays off to spend a bit of time checking out the profiles.

It’s a crash course in combined marketing and psychology.

Let me just tell you that the way I talk about myself is beyond boring compared to what I’ve seen on Clubhouse.

You can connect with a ‘happiness at work coach’ or ‘speaker mentor and thought leader coach.’

Poor me. I’m just a business coach. And, since last weekend with a profiling issue.

Lesson learned (or better confirmed), the more specific you can be about who you serve and what you have to offer, the more likely you will attract business.



Erikjan Lantink

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