Culture Transformation? Yeah right!

Erikjan Lantink
4 min readAug 12, 2022

Most leaders have no clue about culture.

No clue. Nada. Nic (Czech). Nothing.

Oh yes, they talk about culture. They convey a belief that they actually don’t understand, but they don’t.

In fact,

Those leaders that talk most about culture probably understand the least.

It’s all talking but no action.

The leaders I know who are good at culture transformation do quietly what needs to get done.

Here’s what those leaders do well.

  1. They don’t declare war on culture. They change what needs to get changed.
  2. They get that they need to go to the roots of culture formation, which is understanding behaviors that have been part of the system for ages (sometimes literally).
  3. They know it will take a lot of effort to change those behaviors. A lot of communication, training, changing processes, repeating yourself over and over and over again.
  4. Most of all, they understand it starts with them. That’s why better always starts with who (who they are and how they behave).

If you witness anything less than the above, it’s window dressing.



Erikjan Lantink

Business & Leadership coach. Interim Leader. Writer. Speaker. Former Retail Executive (general management; operations; HR)