Are you leaving something on the table?

Erikjan Lantink
3 min readNov 17, 2023

In one of my earlier posts, I spoke about organizational pain.

Companies and leaders that can create organizational pain leave nothing on the table.

I wrote this story to give you food for thought and to help you decide whether you’re leaving anything on the table in your life.

It’s a story with multiple realities and a bit of self-reflection.

Whatever big decision you may be considering in your life, are you sure you’ve explored your options from every angle?

Have you forced yourself to lean in a bit of ambiguity, discomfort, or even fear to explore your options?

This story requires you, as my reader, to see the ambiguity of my statements.

You will get it if you’re looking for confirmation of your beliefs.

If you focus on what you disagree with and want to judge me for, you will also get that.

Here are a few of my thoughts and beliefs:

#1 About perfectionism

I’m not a perfectionist by any means, but I’ve come to appreciate the need to strive for perfection in certain areas because of people in my personal life and my career in retail.

I have always been pretty organized, but I’ve come to appreciate another level of being organized.

I also see the benefits of having less clutter in your life. It provides you with peace of mind.

#2. About 80/20

I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule.

Eighty percent of your results are generated by twenty percent of your efforts. If you think through that more diligently, you could spend eighty percent of your efforts more wisely and increase your results even more.

There are elements in my life where I give a lot of attention to detail. I pay a lot of attention to my daily habits because in the end, they drive the results I’m looking for.

#3. About consistency

The name of the game in life is consistency. Consistency creates the results you’re looking for.



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